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Research shows that hope is not a crapshoot. Hope is a clear choice. 


What leaders say about our work together?

Rich Green

“I am focused, supported, and know that there is a place to turn for the help I need as a pastor from time to time, with someone who understands the journey.”

Stan Rodda

“My group has helped me process a vision for my life, ministry, relationships and family. Every pastor needs a coach.”

Chad Owens

“I’m not getting this anywhere else right now. Thank you for the insightful questions to help me realize my next level of growth.”

Steve Shaffer

“Lantz skillfully leads people with a magnetic personality, interpersonal acumen, caring heart, and action-focus. He is a skilled coach who excels at listening and asking powerful questions.”

Are you facing these roadblocks to freedom?







Are you living free at work and home? 

Are you facing current challenges as a ministry or marketplace leader that has you exhausted, anxious, and uncertain.


Are you facing the pressure and confusion of work that has consumed you with anxiety?


Struggling to get what you want out of life?


Are you facing a current conflict at work that needs to be resolved?


Are you looking for a dynamic way to help your team move forward?

What do others say?

“Knowing yourself is the biggest obstacle to leading others. Lantz provides the framework and tools to help you.”

David Fraze

Author, Speaker, Professor

“We are making good progress with our relationship and are very grateful for you and your guidance through this critical process.”

Married Couple

Plano Couple

“Lantz brings a toolbox that helps you engage and re-engage your best employees through discovery and goal setting.”

Kyle Plett

HR Camp Glorieta and Camp Eagle Family of Camps

“The work you do is amazing. We needed to come to you from the beginning. Look forward to bringing my wife to continue our work.”

Male Client

McKinney Client

Why Champion Hope?

Life is filled with despair, doubt, and disappointment and I have made it my mission to fight for and reframe hope. Hope is not a crapshoot. Research clearly shows that the most hope filled people are people who know their dreams, desires, and destinations. Hope filled people are people who build healthy habits and move in the direction of their destination. 

I have been in seasons of doubt, despair and disappointment and wondered if this is true myself. Romans 5:3-5 says that it is true, but experiencing the expanse of the mountains and valleys of walking with God I can now more than ever say it is true. I have experienced divorce at a young age, father walking out, struggles of identity, lust, yelling at God, insecurities, my daily struggle with pride, and the soul deadening question of “does my presence matter?”  Through various these seasons of life I have had a coach, spiritual director, and individual counseling  or marriage counseling.   

Champion Hope: Fighting for the dreams, desires and destiny that God put in you.  

Yes, my friend. Let’s fight together. 

I am here to coach you through what life may throw at you and help you move forward through a refined and tailored coaching program centered around your unique design.


I am passionate about living a life that is filled with joy, wonder, and adventure. Life though is lived in the mundane healthy habits in the shadows of “laundry and dishes” or is it more masculine to say “oil change and mowing the yard.”

As you know life is not easy, but the story many of us believe is a story of comfort over courage. Through stepping out of the realm of comfortable I have completed several triathlons, one marathon and several half marathons. This year I am setting goals to be uncomfortable by completing a Spartan Trifecta Race Series.

I have stepped out of a job that was comfortable that lead to a soul seeking journey and the courage to step out is why I am passionate about helping others grow through coaching today.  

The hard work lies on the internal side of our fear and vulnerabilities that is an indicator of our strength to move forward. As you step out beyond your comfort you will have a coach in your corner along the way to remind you of the courage that is on the inside of who you are and are becoming.

I have been married to my one and only bride and girlfriend for over 15 years. We are raising four young girls to be mature adults on this journey. Most days I find that I am the one that is growing in the way of being a whole person through the process of being friend, father, husband, and a beloved son of God. 

I have spent over 15 years in leadership, teacher, and pastoral roles working with teens, families, coaching, counseling, executive leadership, team development, and public speaking. 

Why coaching?

You can consider our journey together akin to a fitness coach for the soul.  As a trained professional life and leadership coach I take a posture of coach to help you make a decision, start and or stop a habit, or make clear plans for the goals you have. As a trained Marriage and Family Therapist I take a posture of counseling when a safe place is needed to restore relationships and move forward. I am able to offer coaching and team development in corporate, non-profit, and with executive leaders.

Education and Training
Masters Marriage and Family Therapy | Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation 
Spiritual Contemplation and Enneagram Cohort 2020 
Birkman Independent Consultant | Dynamic Marriage Leader | WinShape Marriage Adventure Leader| Prepare and Enrich Facilitator | ReEngage Marriage Leader |  SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Certified

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