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Building Wholehearted Leaders

I help guide ambitious leaders who are spread thin to be self-aware, assertive, and fully alive from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Professional Executive Coach | Marriage Therapist | Spiritual Guide

“Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.”

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How to be Fully Alive from the Bedroom to the Boardroom

The Champions Circle Mastermind

Men everywhere are STRUGGLING to feel like CHAMPIONS in their home and work lives. Whether it’s living half-hearted in several areas, not being in a satisfying job role, carrying-on in a hurting marriage…

Are you ready to design your own life, but need accountability, or quite possibly a plan to know where to start?!

One on One Coaching

Man in the arena coaching is desgined to help you conquer meaningful goals. I serve Kingdom leaders from marketplace mult-million dollar CEO’s, Real Estate Investors, Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs, to Pastos and Non-Profit Directors.

The Champion Hope Podcast

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Get practical help from the bedroom to the boardroom.

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Every champion has a coach, who is your coach?

“It’s totally worth it. I felt defeated, like I was spinning my wheels. Lantz was able to ask questions that I could articulate with my spouse about what was holding us back in our sex life. He helped me realize that our sex life was never about attraction or love – but rather about communication, decreasing stress, and respect.

Cody S.

Wealth Advisor

I felt hopeless at the beginning and even though the marriage wasn’t getting better for the first few months we met, my relationship with God grew and I grew self-confidence. I had multiple low point sessions, but Lantz continued to point me to Christ and help me see my self worth and God’s truths.

Boon B.

Executive Pastor

I had hit a brickwall…
having an outsider pour into your life in a practical and systematic way is worth it. I was able to gain the confidence I needed to step away from a lucrative corporate job and regain my health. There is a night and day difference with my kids and the involvement I now have with my family.

Gordon. H

C-Suite Leader Turned Entrepreneur

“When I contacted Lantz I was unmotivated to address my physical health and unsure of what the next season of my life should look like; but after just a month of working with Lantz I was working out regularly, losing the weight I wanted to lose, and crafting a vision for my next stage of life. My conversations with Lantz helped me connect the pieces of a puzzle that I was unable to complete myself, and I am forever grateful for his assistance.”

Rusty T.

Oklahoma Deptartment of Human Services

I contacted Lantz because I wanted to lead my team better. It was great having a non-judgmental presence, insightful questions from Lantz that gave me clarity on my path to grow. I noticed after the first session that I was on the right journey. Finally, coaching/counseling is not a four letter word.

Tim H.

Author and Lead Pastor

Fellas…I suggest taking time to read the resources and pocast that Lantz provides for your growth. His one-on-one coaching has been invaluable to me and my personal development during the last twelve months.

Shea G

Legacy Wealth Advisor

Your coaching was a game changer for me and I’m always grateful!

Jason K.

UT Moblization Leader

Coaching Leaders to be Fully Alive  


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Set a goal and I will help you conquer it!

Welcome, I’m Lantz Howard

From the bedroom to the boardroom all too often ambitious leaders struggle with loneliness and anxiety, leading them to drift off the path of meaningful growth.

Champion Hope was born out of a passion to coach and strategize hope for leaders to become more self-aware, intentional, and assertive throughout life’s journey.

When taught how to properly recognize oneself and develop unwavering confidence to engage, they can then experience the freedom of leading with an authentic heart to achieve the growth they set out to conquer.

Champion Hope was founded on the principle that champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.

CEO and Founder, Lantz Howard is a Professional Certified Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Spiritual Guide, and Health Enthusiast. The team at Champion Hope will lead you to live a life you want with purpose and significance.


Building Wholehearted Leaders

Rich Green

“I am focused, supported, and know that there is a place to turn for the help I need as a pastor from time to time, with someone who understands the journey.”

Stan Rodda

“My group has helped me process a vision for my life, ministry, relationships and family. Every pastor needs a coach.”

Chad Owens

“I’m not getting this anywhere else right now. Thank you for the insightful questions to help me realize my next level of growth.”

Steve Shaffer

“Lantz skillfully leads people with a magnetic personality, interpersonal acumen, caring heart, and action-focus. He is a skilled coach who excels at listening and asking powerful questions.”

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Working together to help leaders live free and lead full.