Professional  Coaching for the Ambitious Executive Leader

We, coach leaders, to become more self-aware and achieve meaningful growth. 

Our Philosophy 

From the bedroom to the boardroom…

…all too often ambitious leaders struggle with loneliness and anxiety, leading them to drift off the path of meaningful growth.

As a certified coach, Champion Hope was born out of a passion to coach and strategize hope for leaders to become more self-aware, intentional, and assertive throughout life’s journey.

When taught how to properly recognize oneself and develop unwavering confidence to engage, they can then experience the freedom of leading with an authentic heart to achieve the growth they set out to conquer.

Champion Hope was founded on the principle that champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.

CEO and Founder, Lantz Howard is a Professional Certified Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Spiritual Guide, and Health Enthusiast. The team at Champion Hope will lead you to live a life you want with purpose and significance.


“Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.” 

Rich Green

“I am focused, supported, and know that there is a place to turn for the help I need as a pastor from time to time, with someone who understands the journey.”

Stan Rodda

“My group has helped me process a vision for my life, ministry, relationships and family. Every pastor needs a coach.”

Chad Owens

“I’m not getting this anywhere else right now. Thank you for the insightful questions to help me realize my next level of growth.”

Steve Shaffer

“Lantz skillfully leads people with a magnetic personality, interpersonal acumen, caring heart, and action-focus. He is a skilled coach who excels at listening and asking powerful questions.”

Listen to CEO and Real Estate Investor Kevin Parrish  

Featured Coaching Programs

Boutique Coaching to help you become self-aware, assertive, and intentional in all your relationships. 

Project Champion Hope

Tailored one on one coaching to help you maximize your growth. Using the Enneagram, Birkman, and a custom plan for you to experience breakthrough. 


Marriage Coaching

Helping your marriage thrive is one the greatest gift you can give yourself, spouse, family, and friends. Using the Enneagram and and SYMBIS to help you lead to deep connection. 


DNA Based Health Coaching

Coaching for health, wellness, and fitness with a customized plan around your specific DNA led by Health Coach and team member Jessica Howard.


Coaching Awareness Based Action

Research shows that hope is not a crapshoot. Hope is a clear choice. 

What do others say?

“Knowing yourself is the biggest obstacle to leading others. Lantz provides the framework and tools to help you.”

David Fraze

Author, Speaker, Professor

“We are making good progress with our relationship and are very grateful for you and your guidance through this critical process.”

Married Couple

Plano Couple

“Lantz brings a toolbox that helps you engage and re-engage your best employees through discovery and goal setting.”

Kyle Plett

HR Camp Glorieta and Camp Eagle Family of Camps

“The work you do is amazing. We needed to come to you from the beginning.”

Male Client

McKinney Client

Official Bio…

What most people know about me is that I help high capacity leaders live with purpose and passion. I am patient in asking provocative questions that bring out one’s unique power. I serve Kingdom leaders and difference-makers who are intentionally living life to the fullest.

I am a follower of the way of Jesus, an Advocate: INFJ, Enneagram 9, Birkman blue, Strengths Finder Top 5: Belief, Futuristic, Maximizer, Individualization, Discipline, DiSC; high S, and Grip Spiritual Gifting of Wisdom, Leadership, and Teaching.

I have devoted my life to understanding the internal compass of what motivates and drives people to live with meaning. I have researched what makes leaders resilient in the face of chaos and how those leaders navigate the storms and remain calm.

My clients include C-suite executives, non-profit CEO, real estate developers, ministry leaders, and high-capacity men who take their marriage to the next level. They know the secret to success, but inside they feel the battle going on trying to defeat their life.

I live life to the fullest each day through spiritual practices, Crossfit, and intentional time with family. I am loyal in my leadership and steadfast in my development to read, listen, and grow through mentors, coaches, counselors, and spiritual directors that help me see what I cannot see. I challenge myself to be uncomfortable and spend money to do things that are hard, to build a resilient core, and live this one life to the fullest. 

I am here to coach you through what life may throw at you and help you move forward through a refined and tailored coaching program centered around your unique design.

Unoffical Bio…  

What most people DON’T know about me is my dark side is that I can drift in life and become complacent. I burnt out as executive leader. I can be passive-aggressive and this has cost me more than I realize. I am stubborn and prideful. I would rather leave a crowded room then make my presence known. I struggle in my confidence and secretly wonder if I measure up. I have a difficult time taking a clear position on important matters. I have struggled in connection and intimacy in my marriage. I wonder how I am showing up as a father. I have had different wounds from a biological father and stepfather that I have to learn how to reframe those hurts. I give to much time and attention to validation through social media. I have learned the path to growth is seeing the failures of life and how quickly I offer forgiveness to myself and others.

I have been married to my one and only bride and girlfriend for over 15 years. We are raising four young girls to be mature adults on this journey. Most days I find that I am the one that is growing in the way of being a whole person through the process of being friend, father, husband, and a beloved son of God. 

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Working together to help leaders live free and lead full.