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I will guide you to elevate your marriage and leadership. 


Welcome, I’m Lantz Howard

It is challenging to get ahead in life when you feel behind. 

All too often ambitious leaders struggle with loneliness and anxiety, leading them to drift off the path of meaningful growth in their marriage and leadership.

Champion Hope was born out of a passion to coach and strategize hope for leaders to become more self-aware, intentional, and assertive throughout life’s journey.

When taught how to properly recognize oneself and develop unwavering confidence to engage, they can then experience the freedom of leading with an authentic heart to achieve the growth they set out to conquer.

Champion Hope was founded on the principle that champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.

Lantz Howard is a Executive Life Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Kingdom Servant, and Health Enthusiast. 


“Lantz has a moxie about him and his coaching approach.

He asks really helpful and insightful questions.

I needed someone to talk to about leading my wife in this next season of marriage and intimacy, accountability on personal finance, and clarity for health goals.

I made great progress through our time and work together.

Lantz creates a courageous space to take conversations

I’m glad to refer my peers to Lantz because I trust him and his expertise.”

Seth Buechley

CEO and Telecom Consultant 

“Fellas…I suggest taking time to read the resources and the podcast that Lantz provides for your growth.

His one-on-one coaching has been invaluable to me and my personal development during the last twelve months.”

Shea Gordon

Legacy Wealth Advisor

“When I contacted Lantz I was unmotivated to address my physical health and unsure of what the next season of my life should look like; but after just a month of working with Lantz I was working out regularly, losing the weight I wanted to lose, and crafting a vision for my next stage of life. My conversations with Lantz helped me connect the pieces of a puzzle that I was unable to complete myself, and I am forever grateful for his assistance.”

Rusty Tugman

Oklahoma Deptartment of Human Services

Choose Your Path to Conquer Your Goals  

The Champions Circle Group Coaching

Men everywhere are STRUGGLING to feel like CHAMPIONS in their home and work lives.

Whether it’s living half-hearted in several areas, not being in a satisfying job role, carrying-on in a hurting marriage…

Are you ready to design your own life, but need accountability, or quite possibly a plan to know where to start?!

High Performance One on One Transformational Coaching

This path is for the few Kingdom leaders from marketplace mult-million dollar CEO’s, Real Estate Investors, Chick-fil-A Owner/Operators, Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs, to Pastos and Non-Profit Directors.