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18 Leadership Lessons from Top Gun: Maverick

18 Leadership Lessons from Top Gun: Maverick

top gun and leadership
  1. You don’t need to yell at everyone in an attempt to be diverse. Be diverse.
  2. There is no manual for leading with heart. Throw the book away and discover what is happening on the inside. 
  3. Everyone needs a listening ear and a strong presence that brings out their best. 
  4. Love is what makes you human. 
  5. Don’t be sneaky. You will get caught. 
  6. Speak with extreme clarity. Ambiguity will kill the mission. 
  7. Playing is a spiritual discipline that bonds the human experience. 
  8. Get your body in physical shape at every age.
  9. Push the boundaries to show what is possible. 
  10. Do the opposite of what is expected and the system will respond with change. 
  11. Everyone has a human wound that needs someone to walk the journey alongside their healing. 
  12. Sir and Ma’am still work. Try it on. 
  13. Drop the unnecessary crude language. You gain respect. 
  14. You are a sexual being simply by your presence. Allow your presence to be the man or woman God created you to be. 
  15. Know your mission. Talk about the mission. Keep focused on the mission. 
  16. You need a place to work with your hands and discover your interior world in solitude. 
  17. You can question authority and honor authority at the same time. 
  18. Leadership begins and ends with your willingness to serve and sacrifice on behalf of others for the common good of the team. 

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