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My name is Lantz Howard and it wasn’t all that long ago that I burnt out as an executive leader.

However, I thought I had “arrived” and I believed that I was made to “lead” and “climb my portion of the ladder”. (All that’s a lie by the way). I would say I had an amazing marriage, but on the inside I was lonely because of the demands at work and the homefront beginning to be too much. I was afraid of the future as we had our fourth daughter… I had four girls all under the age of 5. It was a lot. I thought I was calm and connected, but on the inside there was so much chaos and confusion going on. Primarily about, “how the hell am I going to take care of this much responsibility!” I was becoming more passive, but really was “leading” from everyone’s perspective. I kept taking on more then I could handle.

I kept “doing all the things” but my soul was adrift. I remember leading a group of men feeling all alone in my fear and anxiety. The question for the night and discussion I was leading was “what do you want?” I did not dare answer the question because I wanted out of the job that I was leading them in as a minister. I wanted out and I was uncertain who my safe people were. Of course, no one really pushed me on the answer, but that begin a spiral of events and even God gave me signs that it was time to move on.

In my desperation, I continued to die on the inside and reached out to many men along the way, but never felt like I got my lifeboat or the friend that said “let’s walk this together.” In a nutshell, I am desiring to help this person not mess their life up and take their life to the next level.

Most men will experience a similar story of suffering and failure between 36-45, if they learn the lesson that God was teaching they will thrive and live with significance. The sad reality is that most men continue this miserable cycle until they die. But not you…you are here and I can tell you’re ready to go through the transformation!

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I am patient in asking meaningul questions that bring out one’s unique power, purpose, and potential.

I am a follower of the way of Jesus, an Advocate: INFJ, Enneagram 9, Birkman blue, Strengths Finder Top 5: Belief, Futuristic, Maximizer, Individualization, Discipline, DiSC; high S, and Grip Spiritual Gifting of Wisdom, Leadership, and Teaching.

I have devoted my life to understanding the internal compass of what motivates and drives people to live with meaning. I have researched what makes leaders resilient in the face of chaos and how those leaders navigate the storms and remain calm.

My clients include C-suite executives, non-profit CEO, real estate developers, ministry leaders, and high-capacity men who take their marriage to the next level. They know the secret to success, but inside they feel the battle going on trying to defeat their life.

I live life to the fullest each day through spiritual practices, Crossfit, and intentional time with family. I am loyal in my leadership and steadfast in my development to read, listen, and grow through mentors, coaches, counselors, and spiritual directors that help me see what I cannot see. I challenge myself to be uncomfortable and spend money to do things that are hard, to build a resilient core, and live this one life to the fullest.

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I’ve been fired. I’ve been lonely. I’ve struggled financially. I’ve been passive-aggressive. I’ve struggled with sexual intimacy in marriage.

I am stubborn and prideful. I would rather leave a crowded room then make my presence known. I struggle in my confidence and secretly wonder if I measure up. I have a difficult time taking a clear position on important matters.

I give to much time and attention to validation through social media. I have learned the path to growth is seeing the failures of life and how quickly I offer forgiveness to myself and others.

Most days I find that I am the one that is growing in the way of being a whole person through the process of being  a coache, friend, father, husband, and a beloved son of God.

Coaching high performing leaders I find that the process is a sharpening for me as well because “iron sharpens iron.”

Everyone wants to be a champion.

Yet life is filled with despair, doubt, and disappointment that leaves us feeling behind.

I have made it my mission to fight for and reframe hope.

Hope is not a crapshoot.

Research clearly shows that the most hope filled people are people who know their dreams, desires, and destinations.

Hope filled people are people who build healthy habits and move in the direction of their destination.

I coach the champion in you to move forward with your deepest dreams, desires, and the destiny that God put in you.

Champion Hope:  “Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.”

Take Your Next Step

As an ambitious Kingdom leader myself I know there is a way to be fully alive. 

Take Your Next Step

I have spent over 20 years in leadership, teacher, and pastoral roles working with teens, families, coaching, counseling, executive leadership, team development, and public speaking.


Masters Marriage and Family Therapy
Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation
Coaching the Whole Person
Spiritual Contemplation and Enneagram Cohort 
Birkman Independent Consultant
Dynamic Marriage Leader
WinShape Marriage Adventure Leader
Prepare and Enrich Facilitator
ReEngage Marriage Leader
SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Certified