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What is the Birkman?

The Birkman Behavior and Occupational Insight is a robust tool to help you see yourself and the world with new glasses.

The Birkman Method is a favorite assessment of experienced executive coaches, organizational and HR professionals, mentors, and counselors because it paints a comprehensive picture of an individual’s personality and motivations.
We are all wired to seek purposeful work and experiences that resonate with who we are and our unique interests. Whether it’s choosing a college major or transitioning into a new role, everyone wants to be in a position where they are performing meaningful and satisfying work.
Leading is about connecting with people, not just setting the strategic direction of a team. True connection and understanding allow leaders to motivate and empower the human capital within their organizations.
Executive Lifestyle Coaching 

The Birkman Signature Report

With our Birkman Signature report, you will gain the most robust understanding of who you are as a leader. Benefits of this report include:

Allows leaders to gain awareness into how they experience, process, and relate to social dynamics in the workplace

Provides awareness into an individual’s natural tendencies toward exerting control and authority when leading

Reveals how you are likely to form relationships with those you lead and the types of relationships you are most comfortable with

Allows leaders to understand how to mitigate negative reactions and ineffective behaviors in the workplace

Reveals how you’re likely to be motivated and the types of initiatives you’ll naturally prioritize and value most

Shows the type of behavioral style you’re likely to lean toward as a leader and the behaviors you may not naturally leverage