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How to build your soul?

The soul is a mystery and overtime I will write about the simplicity and complexity of what the soul is and is not. For now, consider your soul as your entire being. Here are three ways that I have come to understand building the interior of my life which I consider the soul. Finding a…
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How to say no when you are a people pleaser?

One sure fire way to become busy, burnout, and buried by the demands of others is saying yes when you need to say no. There are times when saying yes is critical to your mission, but often times we say yes because we become a slave to someone else’s vision. Let’s be clear. I am…
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One Question to Ask When Uncertain and How to Make Better Decisions

In the midst of challenging and confusing times anxiety has a way of taking over. Even in the best of circumstances navigating and making healthy decisions can become overwhelming.  There have been many scenarios and decisions that I have made and went looking for honest feedback and wisdom, but let’s be honest. Sometimes we are…
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The Centrality of Living with Courage Over Chaos

Have you sold out to the confusion, chaos, and complacency of life? The confusion, chaos, and complacency is killing our heart. We see it all around. The wisdom from Proverbs 4:23 is paramount to leading a life worth following. I prefer the translation below from the English Standard Version for the use of “vigilance”, but…
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How to move forward when hopeless?

What do you want? What do you, the person read this blog, want? At home? At work? In your marriage or leadership? Are you drifting through your life? Letting your fears, loneliness, doubts, insecurities, and the pressure of “not enough” hold you back. I’ve been there and this question is the path to hope: What…
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