Are you living an empty life?

Do you feel like the modern life is soul crushing that has been defined by the concrete jungle of comfort and complacency?

Do you believe that you have to be nice to get what you want?

Do you feel like a champion in the bedroom with your wife? 

Do you feel like a champion in your job?

Do you feel like a champion dad?

The result?

You are living an empty life. You are bored. 

You are living a life of confusion, passivity, and direction.

You need to become a man who is willing to live a hero’s story.

A hero lives and dies in service to a greater mission.

A hero lives with love, courage, wisdom, and awareness in pursuit of honor.

Are you living a hero’s life?

The adventure of being a hero happens with intention and action.

A hero is willing to do the work neccessary to live with compassion, courage, conviction, and be connected to others who are on a hero’s journey.

If your ready to use your super-power and live an ambitious life filled with meaning this is for you.

Join other men on a mission who champion hope.

You will become a man filled with meaning on the inside so you can win on the outside.

Start living a hero’s story.

Awaken Your Soul 

Inside the Champion Hope Membership

You will be joined together with like hearted men and receive group coaching, support, and monthly challenges that will make you, more self-aware, assertive, and fully alive in the adventure of following God.