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It is challenging to get ahead in life when you feel behind

All too often ambitious leaders struggle with loneliness and anxiety, leading them to drift off the path of meaningful growth in their marriage and leadership.

If you are ready to be fully alive and ready to design your meaningul life choose the path below that works for you.

Why an application?
Your days are busy and I want to ensure that I am the best fit for your desired growth. 

What does it cost? Coaching is an investment in your future. Let me ask you a question.

What is it costing you? 

What is it costing your marriage?

What is it costing your team?

lantz howard

What if I Told You That You Could… 

✔ Live a life of adventure, stop pretending, and get more out of life.

✔ Have a MEANINGFUL marriage – a marriage filled amazing sex and emotional connection.

✔ Design your life and get the job you deserve.

✔ Stop playing it safe! You can learn how to speak up and communicate your desires, wants, and needs.

✔ Deal with conflict and conquer hurdles like debt, conviction, hard conversations, family troubles, bosses…and more.

✔ Lose the weight, start gaining traction in your physical goals.

The Path and Process for Whole Hearted Leaders

Get Coached

This process is not intended for everyone. 

In fact, few men are willing to do the work that is required. 

This is not a quick fix for life and leadership. 

I have taken two decades of leadership development and provided a framework that will lead you to freedom.

The champion within pathway starts with building habits of hope. 

Relational Connections

Your Calm Index
Your Confidence Index
Your Connectedness Index

Emotional Awareness

Know Your Pain 
Know Your Peace 
Know Your Purpose 

Spiritual Renewal

Your Fully Alive Dashboard
Your Ascent Pathway
Your Foundations at Home

Transformational Ladership

The Adaptive Leader
The Next Generation 
The Champion Hope 


You need someone in your corner that challenges and encourages to be a champion in all areas of life. You need a coach.


What is the guarantee?

You are the guarantee. You will have the right support and structure that sets your feet on the optimal path for growth. The outcome is up to you. 

I want to combine the a-la-carte options? 

Apply for coaching by setting up a call and let’s discuss creative options that meet your learning and growth style.

Can this be approved for professional growth?

Yes. You are billed from Champion Hope Group LLC.

What happens at a one day intensive?

The intensives are designed to help you clarify your aspirations and the intensives can be tailored to meet that goal. For example, we could meet for Top Golf, hiking, or at your office in North DFW. 

I am ready to quit my job and transition is this confidential?

Yes! You need deep confidentiality to explore the most meaningful growth you desire. In fact, this was designed out of a painful transition season and will be of great benefit to you.

Do you only coach men?

Yes. I coach men, marriages, and leadership teams. I do not work one on one with women, but will serve your team or your marriage. 

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